5 Things That Could Possibly Be Stopping You From Starting Your Own Business


Starting a personal business is one of the financial dreams that many people wish could come true. 

Although most people think that the lack of resources, a complex market situation, or some other significant factor stops them from initiating their own company, the most potent element is themselves resisting to get into entrepreneurship. 

In essence, the only thing that can hinder you from starting your business is YOU!

Procrastination is because entrepreneurship begins with taking calculated risks, accepting responsibility, and striving to turn the idea into reality.

Until and unless you do not take an intelligent threat, you cannot initiate a business.

There is no perfect or ideal time for starting your own business. Instead, you must find the time to create it regardless. 

You don’t need permission from anyone. You are the only obstacle standing between your idea and its fulfillment. 

And you are the only person who can turn your vision into reality and build a business you have always desired.

Consequently, there is no reason to wait for someone else to start your business, such as a digital agency, bookkeeping, a taxation firm, a bookstore, a real-estate company, and a photo studio. 

Here are the five most common yet biggest fears most people face that you must overcome to effectively land on the road to entrepreneurship.

1. Fear of failure

According to psychologists and mind experts, the fear of failure is more bitter and unbearable than the loss of autonomy and the fear of separation. 

It is one of the leading factors stopping you from starting your own business. 

To overcome this fear, you must redefine the meaning of success. 

You must realize that a decent job with a handsome pay and so-called financial security with employment is not the definition of success. 

Instead, chasing Your own dreams and achieving your goals is a real success. Once you realize it, you will begin to work towards your vision instantly.

2. Inadequacy

There may be a voice in your heart that will constantly be telling you that no one would take your idea seriously. 

Instead, your idea is a poor thought that can barely produce some fruitful results. Also, the voice may be reassuring you that your current job is a necessity, at least for now.  

To conquer the fear of inadequacy, spend time with entrepreneurs who are naturally confident entrepreneurs past and present successful biography, telling you how they transcended their fear.

 You will know that successful entrepreneurs think of success, networking, and confidence instead of feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, and unworthiness, which is familiar with others who only dream of having a business. 

Once you realize the truth, your fear of inadequacy will diminish, thus starting your business will become easier.

3. Humiliation

The fear of ridicule and rejection can be more damaging than the fear of failure. 

Being anxious about what others will think and how you could be embarrassed is another factor that could stop you from starting your business.

Once you start taking steps towards initiating your business, you will be surprised to see that people will incredibly encourage and support you. 

They will appreciate your idea and efforts instead of criticizing you for your bold step.

 Also, many people will rally to join your venture.

4. Poverty

Poverty is another big fear stopping you from starting your business, especially with individuals who have grown up in a low-income family and feel worried that they would stay poor if they do not have a secured job. 

For them, compromising on the job is like inviting poverty into their life.

To overcome the fear of poverty, you must realize that you must sacrifice something to ‘gain’ something. 

A closed fist cannot hold anything. It would help if you opened your palm to get anything special.

5. Separation

The self-contemplated sense of separation from your resources and even very close relationships for working towards your dreams is another factor that could stop you from becoming an entrepreneur. 

On the contrary, starting your business begins with taking the first step alone, and then you will find many other following your footsteps. 

Remember, even if your first attempt to fulfill your dream fails, you will know who your real friends are and see the true face of life. 

Once you know who is always with you, equally in your good times and bad times, it will undoubtedly help you fulfill your dream. With that in mind, take a bold step and be successful.

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