Abuja Budget Is Too Low, The Capital City May Become a Major Slum – Minister Mohammed Bello

FG Minister- Mohammed Bello

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Bello Mohammed, has lamented the inadequate funding allocated to the capital city, saying that Abuja will be a big major slum with the current state of underfunding.

According to him, there are 137 road-related projects ongoing with an outstanding liability of N82bn, while about N800bn is needed as of July 2021 to complete ongoing projects in the FCT.

The minister disclosed this at a town hall meeting on a new revenue formula organised by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said there was a great deal of work to do in the capital city and the current funding allocation was insufficient.


Abuja City 

He said, “Because Abuja is home for everyone in Nigeria, It is very important to consider the development in Abuja as a fully joint national project. For us to really achieve the goals that established Abuja and the Federal Capital Territory, we have to work out a funding mechanism for Abuja.

“There is so much that needs to be done to finalise the master-plan and concept, and that cannot be done based on the present system of funding, where Abuja is seen as a small company of the Federal Government of Nigeria’s budget. Abuja should not be looked at as just the federal government project but as a project for the whole of Nigeria.

“In the presentation that we made to the commission, we have proposed a special funding mechanism for Abuja independent of what is allocated to the Federal Government. We have also proposed that the area councils within Abuja should also be considered just as any other local government as stated in the 1999 constitution.”

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