Man Cried Out and Seek For Help Over His Marriage Of 3 Months – Read

Please I Need Someone to Tell Me If I Am Wrong or Not

I will be concise and as straight to the point as possible and will appreciate people’s advice or suggestions especially married folks.

I got married first week of August this year. This is just three months of marriage.

We didn’t have long courtship because she’s based in a different location and hardly visits.

Now we are married, I’ve started seeing things I don’t really like and is giving me concern. I’ve called her to have a close heart to heart talk but each time I do that it normally ends in quarrels.

These are the issues;

 I’m a neat person and even before marriage I do my chores myself. I hardly eat outside because I cook all type of food and store them in deep freezer and I’m the type that like things to be neat and the environment tidy.

But my wife is the opposite. My wife hardly wash dishes. If she does it, she will be feeling like she has done one big job or so. For the past three months we got married I have been the one washing dishes most of the time. Plates will fill the sink she will ignore it until I wash and clean everywhere. Hardly will you see her sweep the room or even mop. I do cleaning of the room and the last time it was mopped, I was the one that did it. 

I made sure I got her stuffs she needs to be comfortable. I got her a washing machine but I will still be the one to load clothes in the washer and even when she does that, she will keep them for me to go downstairs and hang after washing and still bring them back when completely dried.

I do those things without complaining but recently it has turned to be my duty that even when I’m not around and she wash, she will keep them for me to come home and hang them downstairs.

For three weeks our room has not been swept. Just this night I felt really bad seeing many plates in the kitchen sink and she just ignored them all.

Not as if she’s working. We are planning on securing a shop for her because she is a business person and still does business online currently and most of her reason according to her why she doesn’t do most chores is because she said she’s always talking to customers on chat. I’ve asked her what of people that manages several business so they don’t have time for their family? I’m just being skeptical starting up a business for her because since she’s doing this way when she has not started a full blown business, how will she do when she’s now managing a big business.

I do cook well and most often she relegate cooking to me. Is either she cook one and beg me to cook the other. I’ve been so down and that’s not what I bargained for.

I complained bitterly about her action this night and she’s threatening me with divorce. We are just married for three months and the way it is going now I don’t think I can bear this going forward.

She got angry this evening because I told her that the way she keeps house untidy that just very soon my coming back here will be to just come home and sleep and leave the next morning because I’m tired. She got angry and started moving her things from our room to the visitors room with a threat of divorce. I don’t know what to do. 

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